Web3 security guard right in your MetaMask

Dodge dangerous crypto transactions with W3A Snap real-time risk reports.

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Transaction risks exposed

W3A Snap instantly discovers and warns you about some of the most common Web3 scams:

⚠️ Scam tokens

⚠️ Wallet drainers

⚠️ Fake and suspicious addresses

⚠️ Compromising contract permissions

⚠️ Phishing attempts

⚠️ Liquidity issues

Clear-cut alerts

The Snap speaks with you in a straightforward manner, so that you can easily grasp what’s wrong with the transaction.

To see the alerts, find the “WEB3 ANTIVIRUS” tab in the MetaMask transaction details window.

See W3A Snap in action!

Install the Snap in 3 steps

2Find Web3 Antivirus Snap

3Install W3A Snap into MetaMask

  • MetaMask Snap is a wallet extension that allows you to customize your MetaMask functionality.
    You can find different Snaps in the official MetaMask Snaps Directory, including those providing transaction risk monitoring, compatibility with various blockchain networks, connectivity with a wide range of dApps, and more.
  • W3A, or Web3 Antivirus, is a browser extension that ensures the safety of your transactions and assets in Web3
    The extension runs in the background and triggers when you receive sign requests, perform transactions, or come across a suspicious website. Thanks to its sophisticated and highly precise risk detection mechanisms, Web3 Antivirus discovers a wide range of Web3-specific dangers: phishing attempts, scam tokens and addresses, risky smart contract logic, and more
    Visit the official W3A website to learn more!
  • When you are about to make a transaction, W3A Snap runs a check of all the contracts, addresses, and assets involved and evaluates their safety. When it detects risks such as honeypots and poisoning attacks, it sends you an instant alert.
  • The Snap detects 20+ risks and scams, including:
    • Token drainer
    • Honeypot scam
    • Transfer to a fake address
    • Transfer to a scam zero address
    • Phishing swap
    • Suspected phishing contract
    • Potential honeypot
    • Approve restriction
    • Unsanctioned asset transfer
    • Unsanctioned token burn
    • Unsanctioned token approval
    • Blocked token approval
    • Scam token
    • ERC-20 malicious transfer
    • ETH malicious transfer
    • Blocklisted website transaction
    • Metamorphic contract
    • Suspicious deployer
    • Wash trading
    • No DEX pair
    • Volatile token liquidity
  • When you initiate a transaction in Metamask, you will see a tab “WEB3 ANTIVIRUS” in a window with transaction details. There you will find notifications from the Snap.
  • Currently, all MetaMask Snaps are only available for the browser extension.
  • When it comes to Web3 security, you can never have too much protection. With both the W3A browser extension and the Snap monitoring your transactions, you double your safety measures against Web3 malicious entities.
  • Currently, the Snap supports only the Ethereum network, but Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB chain are coming soon.
  • No, under no circumstances. The Snap only operates publicly accessible data, such as blockchain records and open-source smart contract code. It will never request your seed phrase or private key or ask you to grant access to your assets.
  • Yes, the Snap is verified by MetaMask and listed in its official Snaps Directory.
    Plus, we’ve successfully passed the audit by Veridise. You can check the audit report here.
    Feel free to have a look at the Snap's code.
  • If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us via: