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Guard your DApp, shield their crypto

W3A API seamlessly integrates real-time scam detection and alerts, transaction insights, wallet risks scoring, and KYT into your platform.

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Integrate Web3 security
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0$ for 10 requests per minute
Custom pricing for unlimited requests
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Select features to protect your product and users

From on-chain fraud prevention to streamlined regulatory compliance, W3A API covers your security needs.

Use case

Empower users with anti-scam protection

Indentify suspicious transaction patterns, scams, fake assets, and other risks by scrutinizing associated contracts, assets, and wallet activity.

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Use case

Simulate and validate transactions

Enable users to see the potential transaction outcomes before they sign, helping them to avoid risks and make safer decisions

Use case

Reveal critical token intelligence

Equip users with vital token and collection intel—sales trends, market valuation, and risk flags, such as wash trading or copyright breaches.

transaction data
Dangerous transfers
& attacks revealed
Smart contracts
Use case

Streamline token approval security

Track and alert users of risky token approvals. Instantly flag high-risk approval transactions to users via a push or other integrations.

Use case

Provide in-depth insights about wallets

Allow users to investigate the history and credibility of wallets they encounter, along with insights into their own wallet’s security status.

Use case

Identify risk, comply with regulations

Automate monitoring for abnormal patterns and illicit activity, integrating critical data to boost your platform’s market insight and compliance.

W3A API hallmarks

1-3 days to integrate

Unmatched simulation engine

60+ scams and risks covered

Real-time analysis

Human-readable insights

ML-driven risk validation

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Rate: 10 requests per minute
Ideal for: New projects, small-scale DApps, or testing.
Rate: Customizable request capacity
Ideal for: Established platforms needing scalable, high-volume solutions.

Stay informed, stay secure

Upgrade your Web3 security awareness. Stay updated on the latest threats to look out for and Web3 Antivirus updates.

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