Protect your assets from 60+ scams

No more worries about risky signature requests and transactions. Web3 Antivirus detects crypto scams and warns you before you sign anything.

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What’s inside

Web3 Antivirus installs as a browser extension. It vets the parties and properties you interact with on Web3 to warn you before you take potentially dangerous actions.

Keep in mind: Web3 Antivirus will never ask for access to your wallet, assets, or for your seed phrase.

smart contract analysis
  • Scammers are smart - now you are smarter. W3A detects and warns about common and tricky scams: wallet drainers, honeypots, poisoning attacks, malicious token approval requests, and contract analysis tabletsmart contract analysis mobile
  • W3A simulates transactions and shows you the outcomes along with risk reports before you sign anything.Token analysis tabletToken analysis mobile
  • No phishing attempt will go unnoticed. You’ll receive an instant warning if you come across a phishing website, wallet drainer, or phishing swap.Transaction emulation tabletTransaction emulation mobile
  • See details about tokens you’re interested in and make smarter decisions: trading activity, liquidity potential, DEX pairs, scam red flags./Phishing website detection tablet/Phishing website detection mobile

How Web3 Antivirus protects you

Select your level of protection


Free forever. No wallet or credit card required.

Phishing websites validation
Smart contract analysis
Token analysis
Transaction simulation
Risks and vulnerabilities  detection

30 day opt-out guarantee.

Everything in ourBasic plan plus...

More detailed smart contract risk reporting

Community validation

IP infringement detection

Distinguish your product with Web3 Antivirus

Integrate with us to give your users more protection or validate your project to build trust in the community.
dangerous smart contracts detected
100 terabytes
of structured ML-processed data
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Why Web3 Antivirus?

Hassle-free installation

Simply add the extension to your browser. No payment or personal info required.

Full transparency

W3A is open-source so you can make sure that the extension operates precisely as described.

Easy to understand

The reports use visual cues and plain language to explain threats so you don’t have to be an expert to understand them.

Constantly upgrading

W3A’s level of protection is always increasing, guarding you against new scams as soon as they’re identified.

Poisoning attacks detection
Total amount of assets in poisoned wallets
Total amount of money lost due to poisoning attacks
Total poisoning attacks
24h poisoning attacks

But don't just take it from us




The tool ensures a contract doesn’t request too much access - Hmm, that seems interesting. I have never seen this.

Scott Williams


After a few minutes with it - the deep analysis component is really nice and easy to understand. Kudos!

Vishal Godhwani


This is a much-needed product. The parameters that you are testing the contract for completely make sense. Thank you for creating this.
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Any questions left?

Browse our FAQs below or email our friendly team at:

  • Web3 Antivirus can be added to your browser as an extension directly from the official stores:

    It is also open-source so you can see everything it’s able to do. Visit our GitHub repo to build your own copy.

    Note: Web3 Antivirus (W3A) will never ask for your seed phrase, it cannot access your wallet, and it does not require any information that should be kept secure.

  • Web3 Antivirus addresses specific web3 security issues that are not covered by traditional antivirus protection.

    Traditional antivirus attempts to protect your computer by preventing malicious software downloads and stopping the execution of harmful code. Attempts to gain access to your wallet and assets via phishing or fraudulent smart contracts would go completely undetected by traditional antivirus software.

    This is where Web3 Antivirus comes in as an essential layer of protection between your assets and web3 scams.

  • W3A stands guard while you browse the internet, investigating the other parties and assets which you interact with.

    The extension offers proactive phishing protection. It checks domain names against its database of blocklists and whitelists using AI similarity validation and immediately alerts you if you’re heading to a phishing site.

    When you’re about to sign a transaction or a message, W3A briefly pauses it and analyzes for red flags. It uses proprietary security audit frameworks to detect honeypots, suspicious logic, dangerous functions, compromising access permissions to assets, wash trade patterns, and other threats. The tool also simulates the transaction and shows what happens if it’s approved. You will clearly see what you will receive and what you will give away as a result of the transaction.

    Within a few seconds, W3A summarizes all the potential threats in a report. With all the information in hand, you can decide whether or not to proceed with it.

  • The installation is simple and quick. Choose the option that works for you and add the extension from:

    Or install it directly from the GitHub open-source repository.

    Once it’s enabled, it begins working immediately and alerts you anytime you have a wallet transaction call or browse to a potentially threatening site.

    Note: Web3 Antivirus (W3A) will never ask for access to your wallet, your assets, or your seed phrase.

  • No. Web3 Antivirus never asks for your seed phrase and has zero access to your wallet and its assets.

  • Transaction simulation helps to show you what happens if you approve a transaction. This means you can discover potential vulnerabilities or side effects without compromising the security of your wallet. You will also clearly see what you will receive and what you will give away as a result of the transaction.

    To execute the simulation, W3A analyzes the smart contract behind the transaction and traces each call that the contract makes. It then audits those connected contracts in the same manner and shows you the result of the contracts’ full execution.

  • Yes. Our basic plan is completely free. The extension can be installed directly from:

  • We constantly upgrade Web3 Antivirus enhancing its abilities and improving auditing methodology to detect various threats and scams within seconds.

    We’re also adding support for new browsers, wallets, and blockchains.

    Check out our blog for updates and release notes for new versions of the extension.

    Soon-to-be-released features include the W3A Dashboard which allows you to see logs of threats you’ve encountered, detailed transaction lists, and delegated token rights.

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