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Protect your wallet and assets from 60+ scams

No more worries about risky signature requests and transactions. Web3 Antivirus detects crypto scams and warns you before you sign anything.

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Boost your defenses against scams. Stay protected whatever you do: buy, swap, claim, mint, send or approve your tokens.

Transaction simulation & validation

Simulate transactions and see outcomes & risks to decide whether it's safe to sign.

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Transaction analysis x3 times faster
Transaction analysis x3 times faster
NEW in W3A 2.0
60+ risks covered

Most advanced risk detection: from wallet drainers and honeypots to bad approvals.

Funds under
Secured in 2023, while $3.94B was lost due to crypto scams.
contracts detected
Spotted within over 60 million contracts reviewed.
Identified through our ML algorithms and research.
In-depth token insights

Evaluate token details and liquidity for smarter investment choices.

Proactive phishing protection

Receive instant alerts if you encounter a phishing or fake website.

LLM-powered phishing protection
LLM-powered phishing protection
NEW in W3A 2.0
User Feedback

But don't just take it from us


Scott Williams


After a few minutes with it - the deep analysis component is really nice and easy to understand. Kudos!

Vishal Godhwani


This is a much-needed product. The parameters that you are testing the contract for completely make sense. Thank you for creating this.



We just tried our hands on @web3_antivirus. It looks awesome. Our contracts passed all their checks. Though we had some feedback for them.



Thank God for @web3_antivirus It helped me with the Ghoul Scam Project



After yesterdays mistakes, added @web3_antivirus extension to my chrome browser!

Lop Egor


Fantastic idea! Good luck @web3_antivirus team!


Open-source security browser extension that protects your crypto from scams.


Check your wallet health

Review and revoke token approvals

Upgrade your security with personalized tips


Warnings about scams and risks directly inside your MetaMask wallet.

Any questions left?

  • No, just install the extension and you're good to go.
    You might choose to connect your wallet to W3A Dashboard if you'd like to revoke your open token approvals through the Dashboard interface. In this case, W3A will only access publicly available information, specifically the wallet addresses associated with your MetaMask account.
    When you revoke your approvals through the Dashboard, W3A initiates a revoke transaction and you get your wallet’s confirmation screen for review. Once you sign the transaction, the approvals will be successfully revoked.
    Connecting your wallet does not grant W3A access to your assets, seed phrase, or any other private information.
  • Currently, Web3 Antivirus supports Ethereum for transaction analysis, while Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB are underway. The phishing website detection is blockchain-agnostic.
  • Transaction simulation shows you what happens if you approve a transaction. This means you can discover potential risks without compromising the security of your wallet. You will also clearly see what you will receive and what you will give away as a result of the transaction.
    To execute it, we proxy the request between the dApp and your wallet and run a simulation on the transaction data in our testing environment. We then show you the outcome in the extension window.
    The simulation doesn't require any access to your wallet. To verify this, you can check W3A's GitHub open-source repository.
  • Your Dashboard is a control panel where you can keep tabs on your Web3 activity, easily revoke token approvals to dApps, and check other users’ wallets before engaging with them — all in one place. You have access to the latest data and can make well-considered decisions on asset management and safety.
  • Web3 Antivirus is not a traditional antivirus. We all protect users but from different threats:
    • Traditional antiviruses safeguard your computer by blocking malicious software downloads and halting the execution of harmful code.
    • Web3 Antivirus helps you avoid scam crypto transactions, malicious signature requests, and phishing websites.
  • No. Web3 Antivirus never asks for your seed phrase and has zero access to your wallet and its assets.
  • We are striving to make Web3 a more secure space for everyone, so Web3 Antivirus has evolved into an ecosystem of security solutions.
    First, there is the W3A browser extension, safeguarding individual users from all kinds of Web3 dangers. Second, we launch an API that businesses can integrate to upgrade the safety of their applications and enhance their market intelligence and regulatory compliance.
    Our latest addition is W3A Snap — a MetaMask extension that analyzes your wallet transactions and warns you about some of the most common Web3 scams: honeypots and poisoning attacks.
  • When it comes to Web3 security, you can never have too much protection. With both the W3A browser extension and the Snap monitoring your transactions, you double your safety measures against Web3 malicious entities.
    It is also open-source so you can see everything it's able to do. Visit our GitHub repo to build your own copy.
    Note: Web3 Antivirus (W3A) will never ask for your private info or wallet credentials and cannot access your wallet and assets.

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