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Web3 Antivirus 0.13: MetaMask Snap, WalletConnect Analysis, Speed Optimization


Nov 22, 2023

The spooky season may be over 🎃, but the world of Web3 is still haunted by some really scary scams and risks. But fear not — we have a true scambuster on our side! With this fresh version, Web3 Antivirus sniffs out those sneaky frauds faster and more effectively than ever.

While crafting the 0.13 version of the extension, we really concentrated on expanding W3A outreach. Now W3A is capable of analyzing WalletConnect transactions, meaning more people will be under top-notch scam protection.

Additionally, we've rolled out a MetaMask Snap! This means that all wallet users can receive instant risk alerts, even if they've disabled their W3A extension for some reason (🤨).

Let’s have a closer look at these updates!

W3A right in your Metamask

W3A right in your Metamask.jpg

Metamask users can install a W3A Snap that'll keep an eye on all the wallet activity and transactions and signal if it finds something suspicious. Now, the Snap discovers honeypots and poisoning attacks, and we are already working on enriching its functionality.

You can get our Snap from the official MetaMask Snaps Directory and increase your security by using both the W3A browser extension and the wallet plugin.

WalletConnect transactions analysis

We don’t want to leave any web3 enthusiasts without proper protection. Starting now, Web3 Antivirus will analyze transactions made via WalletConnect!

It is our great achievement, meaning that many more crypto holders will enjoy high-level safety and benefit from W3A's transaction analysis and risk reports.

Analysis speed boost

We totally get how crucial speed is for web3 transactions, so we've worked hard to make W3A transaction analysis even quicker without compromising on its quality.

The outcome? We've achieved x3 times faster transaction processing and analysis, which means you get those risk reports in the blink of an eye.

Detection of new risks + improvements

Detection of new risks.jpg

Plus two more dangers under W3A’s watchful eye!

First, malicious code injections. These scammers cooked up a crafty plan: they hack the site but don't drop the harmful code right away as that would be soon discovered. Instead, they sneak in the code when you start interacting with the site. The outcome can be pretty grim: the fraudsters may nab your private info, mess up your device with viruses, and more.

So, the news is that, no matter how creative they are, Web3 Antivirus catches these tricks in a flash.

Second, W3A now gives you a heads-up if you stumble upon an unverified contract. Such contracts are not open-source, so God knows what logic it has inside. We don’t want you to find it out at the cost of your assets, so pay attention to W3A alerts!

But that is not all though! Our team never stops refining the risk detection algorithms, aiming for the highest level of accuracy. This time, we made some tweaks to how we spot proxy contacts and fine-tuned the detection of custom white and blacklists. It means that W3A can now discover these risks faster and with fewer false positives.

Catch you later with our next upgrade announcement! Stay safe and keep W3A on, deal?

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