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Meet W3A Snap: Your Personal Security Guard in MetaMask


Nov 23, 2023

Like Batman to Gotham City, Web3 Antivirus is Web3's defender. And now, W3A Snap joins as its reliable sidekick, just like Robin.

The Web3 Antivirus security suite is expanding — now you can fortify your MetaMask with W3A Snap. Using both the browser extension and the Snap greatly enhances your protection against scams and facilitates a trouble-free Web3 experience.

What is a Snap?

Snap is a plugin for MetaMask, allowing you to customize the wallet’s functionality. Say, connect to dApps running on blockchains that MetaMask doesn't usually support or to manage tokens not typically recognized by the wallet, such as Bitcoin.

What can W3A Snap do?

What can W3A Snap do.jpg

W3A Snap analyzes your MetaMask transactions, checking all the contracts, addresses, and assets involved to assess their safety. If it detects anything suspicious, the Snap instantly shows you a warning.

Currently, W3A Snap spotlights honeypots 🍯 and poisoning attacks 🐍, with more risk detectors coming soon.

For more details, feel free to take a look at our Knowledge Base.

How do I activate W3A Snap?

There are two installation options:

How do I activate W3A Snap.jpg

Once you've installed the Snap, a "WEB3 ANTIVIRUS" tab will appear in the MetaMask window. This is where you will find all the security alerts.


🚨Important note! Neither the W3A browser extension nor the Snap can manage your assets or access your wallet credentials. Both solutions operate exclusively on publicly available data, such as blockchain records and open-source smart contract code.

Catch up with you soon! Stay safe and don’t forget to check W3A risk alerts!

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